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Health Services offers University of Toronto students the same services as a family doctor's office, and more. We provide confidential, student-centered health care, including comprehensive medical care, travel medicine and education, immunization, and referrals for specialized treatment.


The multidisciplinary health team includes family physicians, registered nurses, a dietician, and support staff. We're here to help support you in achieving your personal and academic goals.

Privacy & Confidentiality


Notification of Health Information regarding Ebola Virus


TB Clinic will run from Monday August 11, 2014 to Friday September 19, 2014.


Times:    Mondays: 9:15am-1:15pm

              Tuesdays: 10:15am-1:15pm

              Wednesdays: 10:15am-1:15pm


Fee:        $5.00 for University of Toronto school mandated TB testing (professional programmes

             e.g.  dentistry, medical, nursing) or school-related placement.

            $11.75 for Quebec patients


               TB 1st step: $20, TB 2nd step: $10 for non-mandated TB testing

               (e.g. volunteer, third party requests)


Please note that TB Tests/Readings are done by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Appointments can be booked by calling 416-978-8030, or by dropping in to Health Services. Appointments can also be booked online if you have an existing Health Services Web Access Account (book under TB TESTS).

Clinic Closure:

Monday October 6, 2014


Verification of Illness Forms

Thinking of getting a medical note for deferral of academic work? Read more about the process.



Notice Letter from Vice Provost Students dated August 19, 2013 regarding laboratory activities in the following courses: PHE 325Y and PHE 225S from 2006 until 2012, PSL 372H from 2005 until 2011, and the Youth Summer Program (YSP) from 2008 until 2011.

New Patient Package

Save Time by filling out a New Patient Package before arriving for your 1st appointment. Click on the appropriate link below:


Reminder: UHIP Renewal for Returning International Students

If you are a returning international student remember to renew your UHIP Coverage and print your coverage card for the upcoming year online at mysunlife.ca


For further assistance check Sun Life Registration Guide or the Sun Life webcast: Printing your UHIP Card for step-by-step instructions.




NEW: UHIP Spouses

Health Services is now seeing spouses of registered U of T international students with valid UHIP coverage. For more information please call 416-978-8030.